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Parties and stuff

by Karrde on Dec.09, 2007, under Food

So I’m thinking about this more often, if not writing as much as I’d like to.

Bunch of the WW folks got together for a holiday party, and for a bunch of ladies trying to loose weight there was sure a lot of food around. I didn’t help either.

One of my favorite thing of this time of year is egg nog. I used to be a good little consumer and pick up my nog at the local megamart. Sure I’d had the local dairy’s nog on occasion, and they also made a similar beverage called Colonial Custard, but by and large I drank my nog from a carton. Usually not straight, that stuff can be thick on occasion so I would cut it with milk, or occasionally some alcohol.

But the other year I was enlightened. My personal tutor of all things scrumptious introduced me to homemade nog. Being a dutiful follower of his teachings I set out to make try my hand at some of this creation.  It was a success.  For some reason though I still only make it during the holidays, but that’s ok.

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Drink of choice

by Karrde on Jan.11, 2006, under Food

Water, tea, milk?? Nothing so plebiean

Beer? Wine? Swill and too many answers, but closer.

Rum? Whiskey? Scotch? You’ve almost nailed it. sorry, bad pun… but the answer lies within


Quite posbily the most perfect drink on earth Smile

It was a long road that led to Drambuie, but in the end worth it. One of the few top shelf liquors with no “generic” equivelant (though the attempt has been made). Drambuie is liquid gold, fire in your throat warm, but liquid silk going down cold. Take 15 year old Scotch, add honey and spices, then do some distillery magic on it and produce this wonderful drink. It may be a little expensive ($36 for your average 750ml bottle) but it’s well worth it. And since it’s a sipping, not a guzzling, beverage a little goes a long way.

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I must be an idiot!

by Karrde on Jan.10, 2006, under Food, Rant

Despite being great game by a friend of mine, this is not what this is about.

I just can’t seem to do anything right this past week, I’ll blame my cold.

I tried to make muffins last night, and I wanted to use the recipe from IJHFMF. So I pop open the book to the “muffin method” and look at the recipe. Hardware, check. Ingredients, check. Start assembling the ingredients. Flour sugar, eggs, oil, yogurt…… YOGURT?!?!?!????

I swear to god that wasn’t there when I started the recipe… and of course none in the house. So we try to substitute Sour cream… not perfect, but a good general substitute. So what to go in the muffins, cranberries or blackberries. Despite mild objections from other parties I go with the cranberries. Sometimes I should listen. Cranberries were way to tart, combined with the fact that this is a log sugar recipe to begin with and I’m sure sour cream over yogurt supplied some extra twang.

Muffins… complete failure.

So did I mention I’m going back to school. Well since a few of us are at it, and books are so expensive at the school bookstore I ordered from amazon. Since I was ordering “used” the shipments actually come from various locations, so our books have trickled in over the past week. Well classes started Monday, and we still hadn’t received my Accounting book. So I go to Amazon to look up the order and find who to send an email to. Insurance billing, Psychology, Nutrition, Statistics….. why is there no accounting book on this list…. $150 to the campus bookstore… grumble grumble grumble.

Verdict withheld on the success of this class.

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